Windsor Family Farm: Organic

"Organic" means so many things. Primarily it means not using pesticides, but it is a whole lifestyle of farming. True organic farmers rotate their crops to put nutrients back into the soil. True organic farmers with animals don't vaccinate or medicate their animals. This can be good but it can also lead to disease.
We choose not to use pesticides or artificial ingredients in what we raise or what we grow. It's so natural, we like to eat from the field! We do vaccinate our animals because we've learned the hard way that it really is for their best health. We do not give our animals antibiotics or growth hormones. This is otherwise known as "naturally raised" farm animals.
Check this website often to find out what mouth-watering fruits and vegetables we're offering next!


There’s nothing more mouth-watering than a vine-ripened strawberry. We found that out as we planted 1500 plants in 2006. We picked them ripe so our customers got the best flavor. In November '08 we planted close to 1000 plants. Once again we planted about 1000 plants in November 09.
In Nov 2017, we planted strawberries -- and also lettuce, yellow beets and broccoli! Please check our facebook page for upcoming, possible you-pick events.