Windsor Family Farm: Home

It started as a bit of a dream with a tractor purchase, while living in San Jose. Once we bought land in San Martin, a whole new world opened up for us! We love the land and working it. Once we had the property and the kids joined 4-H, we’ve gone "whole hog" (so to speak) and bought the farm! It’s a wonderful place... (More)

Spring 2022

Friday, 11th March, 2022
Chicks are hatching, we had a new lamb born in January, and we have new rabbits!
The farm is constant action!
Birthday parties are booked into Oct already. Feel free to contact us about date possibilities.
[email protected]

Camp dates are posted. All 3 weeks are FULL.

Check out our Facebook page for up to date information and lotsa cute pictures!

for JUNE, every Saturday we have parties booked and with Farm Camp for 3 weeks, there will not be any Sunday parties. And we won't have time for small afternoon group visits. June is all about camp!!

PARTIES - we are mostly booked into October; June and July are totally booked. Feel free to email [email protected] for more info