Windsor Family Farm: Home

It started as a bit of a dream with a tractor purchase, while living in San Jose. Once we bought land in San Martin, a whole new world opened up for us! We love the land and working it. Once we had the property and the kids joined 4-H, we’ve gone "whole hog" (so to speak) and bought the farm! It’s a wonderful place... (More)

Summer 2022

Friday, 11th March, 2022
Chicks keep hatching, we have 3 little boy lambs, and we have new rabbits!
The farm is constant action!
Birthday parties are booked into Oct already. Feel free to contact us about date possibilities.
[email protected]

Camp dates are posted. All 3 weeks are FULL.

Check out our Facebook page for up to date information and lotsa cute pictures!

for JUNE, every Saturday we have parties booked and with Farm Camp for 3 weeks, there will not be any Sunday parties. And we won't have time for small afternoon group visits. June is all about camp!!
for JULY, weekends are booked and most weekdays we have smaller groups booked.
for AUGUST, our weekends are booked; feel free to contact us if you want a weekday visit.
I wish we had more time slots for others to enjoy the farm but just know that when you are here, you will get up close to all our animals! We will make it memorable!

PARTIES - we are mostly booked into October; July and August are totally booked. Feel free to email [email protected] for more info