Windsor Family Farm: Home

It started as a bit of a dream with a tractor purchase, while living in San Jose. Once we bought land in San Martin, a whole new world opened up for us! We love the land and working it. Once we had the property and the kids joined 4-H, we’ve gone "whole hog" (so to speak) and bought the farm! It’s a wonderful place... (More)

Grateful, thankful, blessed

Sunday, 25th October, 2020
Amidst the chaos of life, it has been great to offer a respite for families, to see the kids play and engage with animals. Thankful for continuing interest in our farm. Blessed to have property to share.
We are pretty booked til Christmas!!
Please email [email protected] for further questions.
We will mostly be closed in January but if your child has a January birthday, and you want to celebrate here, then email us.

Otherwise, please wait til Feb 2021 to schedule a visit here!!
Happy Thanksgiving!!