Windsor Family Farm: Rabbits

This is a funny story about how rabbits multiply. Peter Pan was given to our daughter. A neighbor found a couple in her yard that we adopted. Snickerdoodle showed up in our yard one day. Prince and Queenie had Prince William and Prince Hare-y. Velvet and Fireball were our favorite offspring of “Big Mama” (she really was big!). At one point we had 10 rabbits running around the coop with the chickens. They loved their tunnels and dodging the chickens’ pecking. The most we’ve had at once was about 30. Currently we have about 15 rabbits. Most are not any particular breed and we never got into showing them but they’re the cutest!
If you have been pondering getting a rabbit, we usually have a couple rescues we are looking to re-home.


  • Did you know their gestation period is only 30 days?
  • Did you know their babies are called “kits”? and the female is called a “doe” and the male a “buck”?
  • Did you know they’re born blind and without fur?
  • Did you know they can hold their own in a coop with 50 chickens!?