Windsor Family Farm: Parties

Instead of having a farm-themed party for your child, why not bring the kids to the farm? We have a great place for kids to explore, touch animals and have fun. We are ideal for kids 5 and younger but all ages have fun!
We live just south of Morgan Hill, where we have our little family farm. We're big enough to have some amazing animals and yet small enough that you won't lose your children...they'll be in sight all the time. They have fun; the adults can relax.

When the kids come, they can run and play, feed sheep/goats/alpacas, and hold/pet rabbits. You're free to play on the playground or in the playhouse or do lawn games. It's your party! Let us know how we can make it memorable!

Cost for parties scheduled for 2024:

$275 for a 2 or 2 1/2 hour party (total time reserved is 3 hours, incl set up and clean up). $350 for up to 4 hours (depending if that time is available)
*** please respect the time frame you reserve; we have other events and work to do on this farm. Be sure your guests know what time to expect to leave ** Your hours give you full use of the facilities, the owner's attention and availability to pet/hold/feed animals, use of the playground and use of tables and chairs. (We have 3 six foot tables, 4 four foot adjustable height tables, 5 picnic tables, 20 kid chairs, 10 full size chairs and several benches. We do not have a pop-up canopy). Please take all the garbage that your guests create, and dispose of properly.
Bounce houses are allowed but we ask for an additional $25 for electricity use.
For weekday parties, it is $225 for 3 hours (incl set up and clean up)
Please plan ahead a couple months to schedule your party. We do offer winter parties but realize it is weather dependent. We are completely outside!

Please email us ([email protected])if you are interested.

You provide food and decorations for your guests. Please contact us about availability and then send a $75 non-refundable deposit (refund if rained out). We will make this a great event for you! OR you can send full payment ahead of time.
Payment options:

PayPal = [email protected]
Zelle = 408-686-0800
or Cash!
Please download the form ("Click here" at end), fill in the blanks and email it to [email protected].
This can be a party for up to 50 people, kids and adults combined. (if there are more, you are subject to an additional fee)
We do ask each parent to sign a waiver upon arrival

If you're interested or have questions feel free to call/text (408-686-0800) or email [email protected]

Download Party Reservation form