Windsor Family Farm: Products

Windsor Family Farm produces a variety of products and services! We offer eggs, pork, beef,and farm tours. The farm is a fun destination for families and school groups. We love to share our critters, while we raise them for meat or egg production!

Currently we have Strawberries growing. Contact us for times to pick them or pick up your order. [email protected]

Here is what our customers are saying:
"We have since been unburdening our freezer of its prizes and have consumed two packages of the best 1/4" cut bacon we have ever tasted, none of that grocery store stuff for us anymore!!! We've graced penne pasta and marinara sauce with crumbled sausage and pigged out, so to speak, on 1/2" cut pork chops! The most tender, juiciest chops we've ever had. We can't wait to slow-cook the shoulder roast. We're going to be so "porked out" by the time we get to our Christmas spiral-cut, smoked ham!"
"We love it. The Bacon is thick and full flavored and the chops are sweet and tender! We look forward to the next half pig. Easy to work with the folks at Freedom... very nice and very accommodating. Great deal all the way around!"
-Robert and Cindy
"The Windsors meat is so full of flavor, and brings us much comfort knowing that our kids are eating meat that is truly nourishing and not full of hormones and preservatives."