Windsor Family Farm: Welcome

Here's some information about us, in case you've never heard of us, or you wanted the inside scoop on our history.
It started as a bit of a dream with a tractor purchase, while living in San Jose. Once we bought land in San Martin, a whole new world opened up for us! We love the land and working it. Once we had the property and the kids joined 4-H, we’ve gone "whole hog" (so to speak) and bought the farm! It’s a wonderful place of learning, growing, observing nature and having lots of fun.
God has blessed us with a great property that we love sharing with others. You would not believe the education we’ve received while living here. We hope you enjoy our little virtual tour!
Most of our animals are raised for the sheer joy of it (don’t miss our farm photos and our Facebook page), but the pigs are for fun and to sell (see our pork link). We also have about 100 chickens (see the chickens link). And if this has whet your appetite and you want a visit, contact us!