Windsor Family Farm: Steer / Beef

Our largest critters are our steers. For the city folk, that is a neutered boy cow! I keep referring to them as cows, but they're really steers, which is a nice way of calling them beef! My kids joined the beef project with 4-H a few years ago. This was the beginning of our love of steers! We purchased them at an auction in Fresno and brought them home in early January. "Max" was the black one and "Moo" was the brown one.They ended up being 1100 and 1300 pounds!!

Then we raised 6 more beauties! We fed them hay, alfalfa and a bit of grain. The procedure for ordering beef is similar to that of ordering pork.
The price is $3 per pound live weight, plus slaughter and processing costs. A 1000 lb. steer will give approximately 400-450 lbs. of beef. You can fill up your freezer or split it with a friend! We are currently not taking orders and are not sure when we will raise beef again. We love having them...just not right now.
You've probably heard how corn is not good for cattle, yet the beef industry keeps feeding them corn. We feed ours hay and alfalfa and a bit of grain to make great meat! Please support your local farmers and feed your family better beef.
Here's a website that has some good information on ordering custom cuts of beef:

At this time we are not raising steers,
but if you would like locally raised beef,
feel free to contact us...we might know of others who are! ([email protected]).