Windsor Family Farm: Chickens

We’ve had many different kinds of chickens, including Rhode Island Reds, White Leghorns, Araucanas, Red and Black Stars, Silkies, Barred Rock, White Rock, Cochins and Old English Game Bantams. Ten chickens came with the house, then we ordered thirty from Murray McMurray Hatchery in Iowa; it kind of grew from there as we ordered more chicks from the same hatchery. As our egg production increased, we found more customers; then we had too many customers and not enough supply for the demand. Of course, we got more chickens—a hundred more, actually. It wasn't long before we ordered another fifty. Then more; this time, about 70 hens. And on it goes..!
Our chickens are kind of spoiled but they deserve it! They get light at night in their coops and sometimes music during the day. They love scraps of bread and lettuce. We have 4 coops. Why, you may ask, are they in coops? Well, the short answer is raccoons, skunks and possums. The more complete answer is for their safety and my peace of mind! We let some run free during the day but need to keep our eye on the hawks overhead.
We feed them a corn based grain that provides the vitamins, protein and various nutrients they need to lay well. We supplement that with flax (gotta love those omega-3's) and oyster shells to get some strong egg shells! We have a variety of egg colors from our various chickens!!: the green and blue eggs are from Araucanas; the little cream colored eggs are from the bantams; then we have some brown eggs from Blue Rocks and Red Stars!

CURRENTLY (Spring 2021) we do have a few chickens for sale. Mixed breed and mixed gender. The pictures are mostly a representation of breeds we have had in the past.

We ordered some in March 2012 (30 various bantams, Aracaunas (green egg layers) and Cookoo Morans (dark brown egg layers). Since then,we have had many born here as we always enjoy new life and the emerging baby chicks!
June 2018 we received - by mail - another 20 beautiful chickens (Silkies, Cochins and other feather-footed breeds).
May 2020 we received 4 different beautiful breeds of chicks.

We are not selling eggs wholesale anymore, so if you'd like some eggs, feel free to call/text us 408-686-0800 ($5/doz).

In the pictures to the right, we have:
*5 new silkie babies
*a sampling of the Leghorns
*Black Stars
*an Araucana (green egg layer)
*Rocky, Daffodil and Rose--Old English Bantams sitting on top of the coop door
*Stripes and Splash, nesting together
*"Hopper", one of our first roosters

*toward the bottom of the page you'll see the variety of colors of eggs our chickens lay