Windsor Family Farm: Goats

Pygmy goats and Nigerian Dwarf goats are much easier to maintain than larger goats—since the larger ones tend to break through fences, devour roses, and sneak any grain they can find. They’re most known as being pets. Boer goats are generally for meat; Nubians and other larger goats are best for weed eating and for milk. We got Zak one Christmas but thought he was lonely (he’d come to the patio door looking for a friend). We bought Karmel (who was carmel colored as a baby) and he didn't care for her! So then we got a little doe (girl) Boer goat, named Zoe. We built their own little barn.

Unfortunately, Zak died January 8th, 2013. He was the best goat and very sweet ~ better than a dog!

The goats we currently have are triplets, born to our neighbor's goat, Spring 2012. Come meet Luke, Leila and Luna, the sweetest "Nigerian Dwarf" goats!

We DO NOT sell goats. If you are looking for meat goats, please contact Silvas Ranches on New Avenue.