Windsor Family Farm: Swine / pork

We started learning about raising hogs when our kids were in the Swine Project through 4-H. After doing this a few years, we have since been raising them ourselves and it has become a parent project!
These wonderful pigs are fed a healthy grain diet with no hormones or artificial additives. With this balanced, enriched diet we also feed them produce (apples from our trees are their favorite), exercise them regularly (you should watch them run!), and we believe we’re producing the best meat around!

We raised 4 pigs in 2020. Not sure when we will raise them again.
We do NOT currently have any pigs.
The following is just the info pertaining to when we do raise them to sell.

You will be able to order it the way you want it done: ham, bacon, sausage, pork chops, pork loin--anything you want (from a hog, of course)! We have raised close to 60 pigs in the past several years and have always had satisfied customers--many which have requested more meat! Where else can you buy meat that was raised & processed in one area? With the lack of stress the animal undergoes and being raised in a happy, enjoyable environment, we believe this makes our meat not only taste better, but is also a more humane option. Interested? What do you do next? So how does this work?
First, Contact [email protected]
  • If you’d like a pig or half a pig, send us a $100 deposit (2005 Giampaoli Drive, San Martin CA 95046)
  • Then we’ll send you an invoice, indicating that we have reserved a hog for you.
  • Once the pigs are ready, Freedom Meat Locker will call you and ask how you’d like your meat prepared.
  • You pay us based on the live weight of your pig; you pay Freedom Meats for the packaged weight.
  • A couple weeks later you can pick it up at Freedom Meat Locker in Watsonville.
  • Then you invite all your friends over and "pig out" with the best meat around from the Windsor Family Farm!

Initial costs are $3.50 per pound for a whole pig or a half pig, based on live weight (paid to us). The customer pays the slaughter cost ($40 each). Processing costs start at $1.20 per lb (paid to Freedom), based on dressed weight (slightly less than live weight). Your costs per pound will vary depending on how you choose your cuts. Our pigs will be about 215 pounds, which gives you about 125+/- pounds of meat. You can choose different cuts of meat or amazing flavors of sausage and bacon. You won't be disappointed! For further information, please contact us.